How to Choose the Right Jeweler

There is no surprise that there are countless options available in the jewelry market today. With so many options, you might ask yourself, "Who should I trust for such a valuable purchase?"   Today we will discuss what to expect from your jeweler to know if they are the right fit for you.  

First, is there a real person you can talk to? Whether it is a text message, a phone call, or a message through your favorite social media platform, your jeweler needs to be accessible. Not only do they need to be accessible, but they need to be an expert. When choosing your jeweler, you want someone who knows about diamonds, gemstones, metals, styles, and your local market: this can be hard to find with someone working from a call center, so look for someone who is at their local store.

Jeweler using a loupe to check the quality of a diamond

The second thing to look for is the quality of the jewelry. Mass-manufactured jewelry items cut many corners: extreme hollowing, tiny prongs and thin channels, thin shanks, poorly cut stones, and low-quality metals. While these cost-saving tactics are acceptable for jewelry worn occasionally, with daily wear items like an engagement ring, you need the highest possible quality: You want the jewelry item to last. Look for a jeweler that doesn't cut corners.

The third thing you want to look for is what tasks does the jeweler do in-house? Do they ship out their repairs to service centers, or do they have a skilled goldsmith on sight? Do they have advanced technology like laser engravers and laser welders, or do they use less precise methods? Do they have a jewelry designer on staff, or are they sending your precious custom overseas? Having these things (and many others) done on sight gives strict quality control with your jewelry handled by an expert team.

Goldsmith Jeweler Repairing Jewelry

Lastly, does your jeweler understand you and your circumstances? Every person is different, and trying to buy from a nameless entity can make it unnerving. Find a jeweler that knows your culture, area, and traditions and is willing to listen to you. Connecting to your jeweler makes the experience one you will remember and can even give you a new friend.

How does Seven Oaks score with these critical questions? First, Shane Oaks (the owner) answers many of your messages sent via our website and social media accounts. Shane has over 15 years of experience and will make sure your question is answered the first time correctly. Seven Oaks has skilled and trained goldsmiths on sight, surrounded by the latest technology and the highest quality tools. Their designers ensure the jewelry's quality is kept at the forefront of the conversation. And their staff knows the area and the fun traditions of southern Utah.  

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Shane Oaks and Tricia Oaks